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Rita is fluent in various styles. Asian contemporary traditional, eclectic and African. She believes in a classical style with a twist, yet also loves the chance to create totally modern interiors sometimes using African antiques as punctuation. Believing in a sense of balance and proportion. Rita has extensive experience in decorative arts, fed by more than a decade traveling to Asia followed by designing projects all around Nigeria.

All together with first hand exposure to decoration. Another advantage of her wide experience is her particularly long roster of unique sources for furniture, fabric and

objects. Because Rita has worked on projects and brings a lot of Asian influence, she brings large global network of interesting sources to her clients.

Company Profile

Derakach Decor Interior


Founded: 2012

Owner: Rita Nkechi

Areas of expertise: Project survey & analysis; Project coordination & Management; On-site consultations; Space planning & furniture arrangement;

Executive Summary

Our Mission

Derakach Interiors is to create a special paradise for every client which will define their exact desire. Creating designs that add value to your home, office and hotel. Our Interior designs do not cost they earn! We help you conceive beautiful surroundings that increase in value over time. We perceive every job both as an obligation to our clients.

Color, texture, light, furnishings – details like these can transform a room, making you feel like a new person whenever you’re in it. 

Owned by Rita Nkechi who is designer based in Iekki Lagos where she has a well-known practice in designing homes. Her portfolio also includes offices, hotels and restaurants. She started decoration in Lagos before working in Abuja and Asaba delta. She has developed a successful practice recognized for bringing international flair to her work. A hallmark of her approach is her knack in listening to clients and then successfully interpreting their needs and desires. Rita has assisted   with design and development in Atlanta, Ga.

Say hello to the new you!